Francois-Xavier De Ruydts, adventure photographer

The dude on the right is myself and the beautiful girl on the left is already taken. And the background is where we live.

Name: Francois-Xavier De Ruydts

Job: Adventure photographer

Place: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Nationality: So far, Belgian…

Past: Geographer, environmental industry worker, round the world by bicycle-er, nature lover, adventurer, boy-scout, traveller…

Loving: Travelling, the Hight Atlas in Morocco, wide angle lenses, my wife’s cooking, bike touring, climbing big mountains, coffee, caving, having crazy ideas and actually go for it…

Specializing in: I like to say that I shoot everything from skiing, to climbing, to hiking… But I must say, lately I’ve been specializing in two sports that nobody is specialized in, caving and canyoneering. Kinda cool to be (almost) the only one.

What you need to know:

– I bet you can’t pronounce my name! At first I thought it was a pain but now that am freelance I think having a weird name can help. “Do you remember this photog? You know something like… Frac@#$%- Xav$%^ De Ruyidtsyiu” – “Ooooh yeah, the guy with the weird name!”

– But my foreignerness has more advantages. How about that: I suck at English! That’s just another way to attract prospective client’s attention. “Ooooh yeah, the guy who speaks English like a Swiss cow! Now I see… Great photog by the way!”

–  Why did I move to BC? Check Belgium in Google images, what do you see? A bunch of photos of the Grand Place. Why? Because it’s all we have.

– How to make me happy: HIRE ME!

  1. Julie said:

    Great presentation for a great guy who does great pictures…

  2. I have never met you so I can’t attest as to whether you speak like a Swiss cow 🙂
    But I do know two things about you. Your photos are really good and your writing is too. Just read Rock Walls & Water Falls in the Summer 2013 Mountain Life magazine and loved it.
    Wishing you all the best with being the ‘specialized’ guy.

  3. Hello, My name is Carol Turner and I’m a writer. I saw some of your gorgeous northern spotted owl photos online. I have an artist friend who is going to paint the cover for my next book and I wonder if I could get your permissions for her to use one of these owl pictures as a model. Here are my books: A couple are self-published, the rest are traditional publishers.
    (left this message on your facebook page as well)

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