Francois-Xavier De Ruydts, adventure photographer

The dude on the right is myself and the beautiful girl on the left is already taken. And the background is where we live.

Name: Francois-Xavier De Ruydts

Job: Adventure photographer

Place: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Nationality: So far, Belgian…

Past: Geographer, environmental industry worker, round the world by bicycle-er, nature lover, adventurer, boy-scout, traveller…

Loving: Travelling, the Hight Atlas in Morocco, wide angle lenses, my wife’s cooking, bike touring, climbing big mountains, coffee, caving, having crazy ideas and actually go for it…

Specializing in: I like to say that I shoot everything from skiing, to climbing, to hiking… But I must say, lately I’ve been specializing in two sports that nobody is specialized in, caving and canyoneering. Kinda cool to be (almost) the only one.

What you need to know:

– I bet you can’t pronounce my name! At first I thought it was a pain but now that am freelance I think having a weird name can help. “Do you remember this photog? You know something like… Frac@#$%- Xav$%^ De Ruyidtsyiu” – “Ooooh yeah, the guy with the weird name!”

– But my foreignerness has more advantages. How about that: I suck at English! That’s just another way to attract prospective client’s attention. “Ooooh yeah, the guy who speaks English like a Swiss cow! Now I see… Great photog by the way!”

–  Why did I move to BC? Check Belgium in Google images, what do you see? A bunch of photos of the Grand Place. Why? Because it’s all we have.

– How to make me happy: HIRE ME!

  1. Julie said:

    Great presentation for a great guy who does great pictures…

  2. I have never met you so I can’t attest as to whether you speak like a Swiss cow 🙂
    But I do know two things about you. Your photos are really good and your writing is too. Just read Rock Walls & Water Falls in the Summer 2013 Mountain Life magazine and loved it.
    Wishing you all the best with being the ‘specialized’ guy.

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