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Just DIY’d a Go Pro Rocket out of a ski pole, foam cardboard and some Duct Tape (of course). Ok now, why on earth a Go Pro rocket? Well I’d like to make a kinda “follow” video of a canyoneer jumping into a pool. Get the picture? So the camera is above the guy, falling with him (and penetrating the water) at approximately the same speed, and without shaking / spinning around – thanks to the rocket “fins”. Is it going to work? I have no idea! But I’ll keep you posted for sure.


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Spent a cool afternoon shooting Rocky and Bianca longboarding in the Seymour Demonstration Forest. Pretty tough to follow these guys on my bicycle, they were amazingly faster. Can you picture me pedalling like crazy with the camera rigged on the frame? We had a few close calls but camera and people got back home safe.