Monthly Archives: January 2014

I joined a French caving expedition in China for a month of pretty cool exploration. That should lead to some relly interesting photography. I’ll keep everyone updated with fresh news every time I find a connection.
My gear for the cave expedition in ChinaFor this first post, a “what’s in my photo bag” thing will do the job. It’s a simplified version but the essential is there. 4 speedlights and 2 400 w/s battery powered flash heads + a bunch of really cool dive lights graciously lent by the folks at Light & Motion for the underwater lighting:
  • 2 Sola 4000
  • The brand new GoBe
  • 1 Sola Tech 600
That’s a lot of light!
On the photo side:
  • Nikon D800
  • Nikkor 24-70 f2.8
  • Sigma 12-24 f3.5
  • A bunch of radio triggers
Everything fits into a Lowepro 100% waterproof Dryzone 200 bag. Thanks Lowepro!
Thanks again to Lowepro and Light and Motion for making this happen.