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Check out the trailer of my new movie: Down The Line

It talks about exploration, big waterfalls, deep gorges, commitment, friendship… it talks about canyoneering!


I am very happy to announce you that my first movie Down the Line has been selected for the VIMFF (Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival). It will be played on Feb 11th, the session begins at 3pm. I'll need all of you to fill up the theater and cheer at the end! ;-) Thanks to all of those who helped, you guys rock!



Just DIY’d a Go Pro Rocket out of a ski pole, foam cardboard and some Duct Tape (of course). Ok now, why on earth a Go Pro rocket? Well I’d like to make a kinda “follow” video of a canyoneer jumping into a pool. Get the picture? So the camera is above the guy, falling with him (and penetrating the water) at approximately the same speed, and without shaking / spinning around – thanks to the rocket “fins”. Is it going to work? I have no idea! But I’ll keep you posted for sure.