Huge ice cave – Crows Nest Pass – Canadian Rockies

Ice Cave rockies photography

Cavers named this place “The Booming Ice Chasm” for an obvious reason. The amount of ice in this cave is absolutely indescribable. I’ve had the chance to photograph it in July 2012 when my caving friends form Canmore invited me to join them for a 2 days underground trip in this (ok let’s not say “cathedral like”) otherworldly (hum not much better…) place.

Big challenge! Just rigging the fixed ropes to reach the bottom took us about a day. And the place was way too big for me to be able to light it all with 3 poor cobra flashes. Me and my gear came back kinda humbled… Great experience and a lot of fun! Thanks Adam, Nick and Chris for making this happen.

  1. Christian Stenner said:

    They turned out great! Francois-Xavier doesn’t mention his ice climb into an unexplored passage… mainly as an effort to stave off the bitter cold!

  2. Joseph said:

    Do you know the name of this cave?? Location in the pass?

    • Hey Joseph, please contact me directly through my email address and I’ll be happy to talk about the cave with you. Are you a caver, photographer…?

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